Driving sales performances through successful partnerships

Sales is a process and, like any process, its effectiveness suffers when there are disconnects or blockages. This is never more obvious than when the lead generation function is outsourced. Here, more than anywhere, continuity is vital.

At HMC, we have worked with organisations across the globe to streamline their sales process and ensure that all resources are properly aligned to value-added activities. Until recently, most lead generation services have been fairly generic, delivering meetings of questionable quality with little qualification or relationship to the underlying value proposition. Today, however, this is simply not good enough and clients expect more from their outsourcer: business insight, industry expertise, innovation and, above all, a high quality relationship between client and provider.

Our work has shown that there are remarkable similarities in outsourcing relationships that produce high performance: an agreed effective strategy, strong technology and processes, effective change management skills, industry and domain knowledge, strong leadership, and exceptional operational capabilities. These attributes, combined with a shared commitment to succeed, deliver exceptional results and high quality investments for the client.

We have also noted that effectiveness is not a function of size, whether the client team is 5 or 500, success is dependent on taking a strategic and holistic approach to the sales process.

To better understand what differentiates the best performers for the rest, we recently undertook a review of engagements that HMC executed over the past 10 years and distilled a number of practices that we believe are critical to success.


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