Get inFront

inFront, an integrated marketing platform, combines digital marketing, email campaigns and telephone sales, to provide a cost-effective sales pipeline with customer insights to decrease the time spent closing business.

A great frustration for sales managers is how little time their sales staff spend selling. Too often valuable sales staff are engaged in low-value research and qualification activities.

Technology is dramatically changing the buying process with over 75% of customers having already made a decision before speaking to a sales person. Digital marketing, social media and account-based marketing allows customers to interact with sellers in their own time, at their own speed.

inFront was designed to streamline and automate this process, promoting long-term engagement with potential customers, and create a consistent distribution of qualified leads. By combining the best technology with experienced marketers, HMC has created a sales engine that identifies potential customers, manages a structured engagement through the sales cycle and delivers valuable data insights.

Key features of our platform:

  • A cloud-based CRM system with fully integrated social media functionality. This allows to drive key messages to your target audience cost-effectively across multiple channels.
  • A dedicated account team, with strong domain experience, that will be responsible for detailed qualification of clients.
  • Email marketing campaigns, fully integrated into your website, providing detailed analytics to identify who is interested in your products or services.
  • An extensive database of company information developed over 20 years, supported by full access to multiple databases such as D&B and Hoovers.
  • A highly-skilled data analytics team that will provide in-depth research on potential customers, initial qualification and create detailed briefing documents for client meetings.
  • A robust reporting system which allows you to track progress and analysis performance.


The inFront platform is designed to be flexible and scalable- you only pay for the functionality that you need.

To hear about how inFront can transform your sales process, call HMC today + 44 28 9066 2333 or contact Áine McGurk on