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How HMC Global Doubled this Medical Supplier’s Revenue and Increased their Profit by 600% within 18 Months


Sepha is a UK manufacturer of medical supplies with a global reputation for innovation in product development. When HMC Global began working with them, revenue was only just covering expenses; their sales team were selling globally directly and incurring huge costs.

We made a significant difference to the company’s performance by implementing our inFront methodology to:

  1. Capture the current sales process.
  2. Understand current revenue streams.
  3. Make regional and industry assessments.
  4. Evaluate teams and realign them based on personal strengths.
  5. Identify growth strategies.
  6. Develop and implement new sales processes.
  7. Outsource non-core activity including lead generation and qualification.
  8. Restructure the sales team and introduce new metrics, focusing on customer satisfaction rather than sales numbers.
  9. Install preventative management techniques.


By applying sales optimisation techniques, HMC Global doubled revenue and increased profit by 600% within 18 months. We eventually helped identify a suitable buyer for the business and facilitated an acquisition by the TASI Group.

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