The Art of Selling

The dreaded sales pitch can send any salesperson’s nerves through the roof, no matter how experienced they are. If you are ever asked to deliver a sales pitch, don’t fall into the trap of a long-winded explanation of what your company does as nobody has time for that. We should only give pitches when asked for them, and you should make sure that they are relevant. As most companies only want to hear about how your offer will fit into their needs.

Here are a few ways that you can master the art of selling and improve how you pitch to prospects:

Open communication

The first conversation you have with a prospect should never be a sales pitch. This time should be spend understanding their needs and how you can tailor your product and or service to be a viable solution for them. Then, your conversation can be more engaging as you can give them an insight into how your offering will benefit them specifically.

Stay Calm

Having nerves can sometimes be inevitable, but to master the art of selling you need to be calm. If you come across at all anxious, your prospect will pick this up and become uncomfortable. To combat this, make sure that you are well prepared and well-rehearsed, if you know exactly the points you want to get across you will feel more at ease.

Know what you’re going to say

This is not your chance to improv what you are going to say. Before every communication or meeting with a prospect spend adequate time preparing the key points you want to discuss. By knowing exactly what you want to say you will be more successful, it will make you feel more at ease and confidence and the flow of your speech was seem more organic. However, you do not want to learn it off so you sound as if you are reading from a script.


Remember that this a conversation, not a lecture, as this will ensure a more responsive conversation with your prospect. Ask them questions throughout and listen, as this will be how you can keep them engaged and in return learn more about their needs. It is essential again to come across as genuine, and not sound like you’re speaking from a script.


To master the art of selling, your prospect needs to understand exactly how your offering will solve their business problem. Your prospect doesn’t need to know every aspect of your offering if it doesn’t benefit them, but it is okay to mention. However, the best thing to do is to focus of your offerings true value. This will ensure that you will be more genuine and create a relationship with your prospect as they trust you.


Don’t spend too much time entertaining your prospects, get everything you want across and how you solve their problems, and get out. Everyone is busy and you don’t want to spend too much time waffling as they will appreciate how efficient you are. When you’re finishing up it is always good to summarise your key points. Thus, leaving them with the value proposition of your offering will remind them why they should hire you.

Stay in Touch

This is essential when closing a deal in sales. At the end of the conversation make sure that you tell your prospect that you are available to chat if they need to ask more questions. If you don’t hear back in a while, schedule another email with them.

Overall, mastering the art of sales is all about being prepared and being genuine. By doing this you will ensure that you understand their needs, and can tailor your offering to suit them, thus you will be more successful.

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