B2B Sales Trends

Sales and Marketing to B2C is completely different to B2B, for companies you need to adopt different measurements in order to be successful. Here is a list of B2B sales trends you can adopt for 2017:

Revamped Content Marketing

Content marketing is being revamped with explainer videos and infographics on the increase. Video and images are becoming more common as there is always new and affordable software’s being created, meaning that they are more accessible to smaller companies.

Social Media Sales

B2B is seeing an increase of using social media to collect with their prospects and clients to gain a greater insight into their personalities and buying habits. Additionally, helping them with a more tailored pitch.

Direct Selling

As consumers are becoming more and more sophisticated in their buying habits, there will be an increase in consumers completing the whole sales process themselves. This is due, to consumers understanding exactly what they want, eliminating human interaction.


Over the past few years there has been many different sales and marketing applications that have been created making it easy to automate your marketing activity. Automation makes tasks easier, and ensure that your marketing is more targeted, increasing your chances of finding leads.


With the advances in automation it has changed the way we can evaluate leads. Now you can add an individual score to a number of different activities, that showcase their interest or readiness to purchase. The sales team can then check the priorities of prospects and this will help them to act accordingly.

Sales Funnel

The sales funnel has been an essential component in B2C marketing, with B2B companies starting to introduce them. By adopting a sales funnel, you can ensure that all leads are qualified which increases the chance of closing a deal.

Overall, there is many different trends that are impacting the B2B sales industry. If you are a salesperson you need to ensure that you are continuously aware of new developments and how these can be exploited in order to grow your business.

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