Opportunities are Big in Bahrain

The Gulf’s US$1.7 trillion economy is growing steadily - expected to reach $2 trillion by 2020. Bahrain will be a key player in foreign organisations breaking into and getting their share of the market.

At the turn of the 20th Century the Bahrain economy was build on the pearl industry until it became the first middle eastern country to discover oil, creating new infrastructures to support the industry and affording its citizens a high rate of literacy and the highest life expectancy in the Gulf region.

Foreign Investment

Government recognises the value of foreign investment, allowing 100% foreign ownership of businesses in certain sectors. Whilst many firms establishing in Bahrain may have to have 51% Bahraini equity, this may not apply to those bringing substantial capital investment to a project or specialist skills.

Doing business in Bahrain

The World Bank’s “Doing Business 2014” report ranks Bahrain at No. 46 out of 189 countries in the world for “ease of doing business” for foreign investors and the 2014 Heritage Foundation Index of Economic Freedom ranked Bahrain 13 out of 183 countries, with a score of 75.1, or “mostly free.”

Why Invest in Bahrain?

  • - Bahrain is a key strategic location with duty-free access to the States of the Gulf Cooperation Council. It has a fully integrated transport system and is a hub for air travel in the region.
  • - Low labour, utility and taxation costs which are supported by substantial industrial incentives and available serviced business properties.
  • - Industry is supported by strong infrastructures, the mature legal infrastructure and internationally accepted trade practices, as well as the most advanced digital and connectivity platform in the region.
  • - Pleasant, secure and cosmopolitan lifestyle, providing a skilled and resourceful workforce fluent in Arabic and English.

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