Big Data and Marketing

Big Data is one of the new trends in digital marketing that has gained massive attention. With new technologies constantly being developed, there is a need to constantly upskill yourself in these new technologies in order to continue to turn information into customers.

What is Big Data?

Big Data analytics is the process of collecting, organising and analysing large sets of data to discover patterns and other useful information. It can help companies better understand large volumes of information that they have as well as being able to identify the data that is most useful and can be applied to future business decisions.

Even though this all sounds great, it does come with risks. Since the speed of business is accelerating all the time it is difficult to manage the amount of data being recorded. Thus, if your system isn’t set up properly, it will lead to gaps in data, which will not give you accurate results.

If you understand how to analyse all of this data you will be able to understand your customer more effectively, resulting in improved company performance.


New Technologies

Software companies see the value in understanding and monitoring big data, so many companies are now creating software that will help companies better understand their data. Different systems such as monitoring ‘tags’ on your website, which will measure and ultimately maximise your marketing. By gaining this insight into data, it will improve your reporting and enable you to further define your target audiences.

It is vital to remember that with all these new analytics tools being available to pick the right one that links to your strategy and goals. You need to make sure that your analytics tool can support your strategy and goals that as a marketer you have spent so much time establishing.


It is definitely worth looking at Big Data and how you are going to manage this data. Yes, it is complex and needs constant updating, but you will gain a wealth of understanding if implemented correctly. Get your company ahead of the competition and find an analytics tool that will help you with Big Data.

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