Business Innovation and Big Data

Small businesses can sometimes find it hard to stay ahead with innovation because of their lack of resources. However, you don’t need robots but a system that is intuitive enough to predict their next action. The days of spending two years researching before building a product are long gone, if you were to do that now the product would be out-of-date before even starting.

Innovation starts with the software development team understanding the data to predict what may happen in the future as building new solutions happen at small stages so it can be tested. Then SaaS (software-as-a-service) is constantly updating, with most of these updates happening in the background.

Customer Usage

Data around the customers usage of the product is the new focus groups, as SaaS has loads of data around what customers are looking at. Thus, this will inform on what is built tomorrow and the improvements needed. A well-built SaaS designed from the ground up will help to measure customer behaviours as customers can say what they want but can’t say what they need until it is put in front of them.

Harnessing the power of machine learning

Machine Learning used to only be available to the global businesses, however, in recent years it is everywhere. For small businesses your main focus should be around automation, as this will streamline your processes and tasks, so you can spend more time selling. As the systems become smarter they will start to predict what customers want. Furthermore, in the future we can expect to see personal devices being smart enough to understand what the notifications users care about, this will take away from having to turn notifications on and off in some apps. Thus, they will be based on user’s actions and how they interact.

Big data is constantly changing business innovation, and by having a head start in learning and understand these software’s you can ensure that your business always stays on top.

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