Changes in the sales environment

The sales environment is changing rapidly and this can impact the way we are successful and how we hit our targets. The changes themselves will mean changes in the way we connect with prospects, differentiating from our competitors and how we position ourselves. Thus, there is a need for companies to understand these changes and adapt in order to keep up with this change.

Customers don’t have time

By having access to so many different platforms instantly, it has actually made us busier. Since we are constantly connected, we don’t have much time. Customers are constantly prioritising what is important and what isn’t. Thus, your company isn’t important to them, and it can be difficult to block out the noise to grab their attention. Even if they are aware of their problems, they are usually too busy to address it.

In order to sell in this environment, you have to be prepared to carry out as much work as possible for your customer, as it takes innovation and creativity to grab their attention.


In today’s world relationships matter less than before. Traditional relationship builder characteristics of being generous, agreeable, supportive, available etc can halt the finding of new, unique solutions for your customers. They don’t have time to create a long-term relationship, they want ideas now. Additionally, they want to get results as quickly as possible and understand that yes, relationships are nice but don’t get them any closer to finding a solution.


Being so connected also means that customers want an expert, they want someone to educate them on what is happening. They want an insight into how your product or service can benefit them and why they should purchase it. As it can be difficult to keep up to date with everything that is happening. Salespeople need to find the relevant information for their customer by cutting out all the noise for them. Customers expect salespeople to bring ideas and lead them through sales, thus it is vital to have information and knowledge that your customer doesn’t have.

Salespeople lead

Years ago, it was the customer who led the sale, after the salesperson built the relationship, the customer made the decisions. However, today customers don’t have the luxury of all this time. They expect the salespeople to be one step ahead and bring ideas etc to solve their problems. Salespeople need to be leaders and be comfortable controlling the sale.

Social Media

The best salespeople will understand that social media is a powerful tool, and can be used for information, collaboration or engagement. Additionally, it can be used as a prospecting tool to find and obtain marketing qualified leads. By being so connected, you will need to understand how social media can drive your business and why embracing social media is a must now in the world of selling.


Technology is reframing the world of salespeople. By using different tools such as CRM or browser plugins, you can accelerate your sales and connect with your customers more efficiently than ever before.  Technology has also touched every piece of the sales process ad with these new tools has made it easier for automation. This means you can give your customers a more personalised experience. The key is to pick the right one with the right capabilities for your business.

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