CRM Best Practices for Small Businesses

A Customer Relationship Management system, known as CRM, tracks the entire lifecycle of a customers’ interaction with your company. It provides marketing, sales, support and feedback for the whole business to streamline your process. By integrating a CRM system into your business process, you can ensure that you have an effective strategy for your employees to ensure success.

Here are a few ways to improve how your companies uses a CRM system.


Prospects will be looking at your company online, since they will be investing in your product or service they want to ensure that your offering is the right fit for them. Since, they will be spending time scrolling through your website, you want to ensure that all aspects are responsive over any device. Identify the functions and capabilities needed for you website and ensure that your website has the facilities to carry these out. For your website functions it is vital that the experience is good, as many users will leave a website if the website is hard to navigate on their device.

Work Flow

It is essential that the customer journey experience goes smoothly, which means that your processes should be clearly mapped out for success. By having your processes clear, it ensures that all members of staff understand what steps to take and what tasks are next throughout their processes. Thus, the sales process will be quicker and refined making it easier for customers to travel through it. By having these in an easy document that all staff can access it ensures that you have the best possibility of closing more deals.


Having employees who are cross-trained on many different functions and areas of the business, means that if there is ever a lack of human resource, other members of the team can pick up their tasks. This is essential when ensuring that quality of work is consistent for customers. There should be a culture of cross-training in your company, as by having this it ensures that staff are adaptable and open to change.

Content Creation

CRM systems can also assist with the marketing function of your business; by making rgular changes and additions to your content. Indentify the main issues and queries that customers have and be able to address this over content, this will also help with the SEO for your website. Your CRM system should always be improved, by asking your employees and customers for feedback, you will be able to use their experiences to make a change and improve your process.


Identify goals, as without this it is difficult to be successful. After this is completed, you will be able to track your progress, determine customer satisfaction and make continuous improvements. Incorporating software solutions into your CRM, it can help manage these processes. Additionally, you can analyse customer buying preferences, or export data to another system.

Even if you are a small company you can benefit greatly by having a CRM system. It will additionally, help small business to utilise the resources that they have and ensure that each employee is efficiently using their time. Without a CRM system, employees can find it difficult to keep track of every conversation had with a prospect or client and by integrating one all the information is stored in the CRM.

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