Exceed Monthly Sales Targets

The nature of salespeople means that they are always trying to exceed their last month’s sales targets. However, this means that salespeople should always set out a plan of action. Here we have listed a few steps that will help you exceed your sales targets.

Write it down.

By having your monthly targets written down it will make this easier for you to not only remember to achieve your sales goals. Thus, have them in front of you as this will help motivate you to keep on track of your targets and if you are achieving them.

Quantify your goals.

In order to exceed your monthly targets, you need to know exactly what the number you’re aiming for is. By working these out as numbers from percentages, you will be able to see exactly how many sales you need to reach this target and decide how you are going to achieve this. 

Work backwards.

Now that you have an actual figure that represents your monthly sales targets, work backwards to decide how many sales you must close each week and each day. By adapting your sales goals into daily actions, you will ensure that you will be more successful in exceeding your sales targets.

Tweak your progress.

In order to exceed your sales target is to constantly review what is working and what isn’t and then tweaking your plan. As time is very limited in sales, you need to work smarter to reach your sales targets. By identifying early what is working and what isn’t you will ensure that you are successful in your efforts. 


The key is in the execution, which means that you need to commit to your monthly action plan. By doing something towards your goals everyday you can ensure that you will exceed your monthly targets. As there is no point creating a fantastic sales plan if you don’t put it into action.

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