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In business, clients usually want results fast – whether that is to secure new customers, increase their social media following or get more referrals. To do this successfully a few things like strategies and operating systems need to be in place.

However, there are no shortcuts and you cannot speed up success because if you are not willing to put in the time and effort then you will not out the right things in place. 

Overnight success and results are a myth as this is unrealistic and cannot be sustained. You need a process in place, but, don’t worry this can be amended over time when you find out what works for you. Usually success is down to trial and error, finding out what is the right formula for your business which takes time, focus and patience.   


In order for you to get results you need to:

Be focused – Have a clear though-out strategy for everything you do. Map out what everyone’s key roles are and why each person is doing it. Just remember to stay focused.

Be consistent – Remember to plan for each part of your selling journey, not just the first part. If you do, you are guaranteed to burn out and your plans will fizzle out.

Assess Opportunities – Find the opportunities that are a right fit to help you succeed your goals. Do not just pounce on the ones that are in your path. Think about each interaction and how this leads back to your original plan.

Get support – Involve the whole team and find out ways that you can improve your current process. By doing this everyone will be on the same page and stay focused. If you are unsure about what direction you need to take, talk to others, research and find out how your competitors are successful.


The biggest mistake is expecting everything to happen straight away, by having a specific strategy you will start to see improvements. Take the time out to put a structure in place whilst communicating with your whole organisation to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Stay focused, create a plan, implement the plan, analyse impact, make changes and start to see results.


At HMC Global we will work with you to develop a toolbox that ensures you have the right knowledge and intelligence to move forward with confidence. Partnering with you to forge deep understanding, we find meaningful, often unexpected insights, that inform smart, successful strategy and a blueprint for the future.

If you are looking to get results, get in contact with us here at HMC Global, where you will get access to proven methodology that will help your company. Contact Michael Kerr, Principal, Economic Development on


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