Improve your CRM

The continued growth of digital communications, in particular social media platforms, have changed the way that business interact and keep customers. By having a customer relationship management system (CRM) it can take your business to the next level, and help you close more sales deals.

Salesforce defines a CRM as a strategy for managing all your company’s relations and interactions with your customers and potential customers. CRM enables you to focus your organisation’s relationship with individual people – where those are customers, service users, colleagues or suppliers.

However, must businesses even though they have a CRM system, don’t use it to their full potential. If you are a business wanting to transform how you use your CRM, here are five strategies:

Across all departments

A CRM system gives insights into your customers and hold a wealth of data. By giving other departments access to their data you can ensure that not only your sales team benefits, ie. Marketing can use the information for campaigns or R&D can use it when developing new products. If you don’t want to give departments full assess, you can use the permissions feature to restrict certain tools if necessary.

Make it social

Your CRM system must be integrated with your other social media channels. The advances in digital communications has made it even easier for you to gain insights. Over half of consumers say that influencers over social media have an impact on their purchasing decisions. If your CRM system isn’t connected to your social accounts, you are missing out on a huge amount of data and marketing opportunities.

Integration with other business software

A CRM system is an expensive investment for your business, which means it is vital to not just use it to make notes. A good CRM will be able to integrate with other programmes, such as marketing, email and calendar. Thus, you will be able to make appointments to Outlook or Google calendar, or schedule an email to go out for your client, without leaving the CRM.

Train all employees

If you are looking to improve how your company uses your CRM system, you can’t expect employees to figure it out for themselves. Your CRM provider should offer a webinar or video training, if not get one person from each department trained up and let them train the rest of the department. The more training and understanding they have off the system the bigger improvement you will see. For example, marketers should know how to incorporate surveys or find data through the system.

Analyse the information

To improve how you use your CRM system, you need to go further than the contact and feedback features. A CRM system gives you the information analysis or through an integrated system, which should be used to gather information on customer demographics, purchasing habits, common complaints etc. It can be used to help marketing decide which ad would be more influential to a consumer over social media platforms.

If you decide to adopt these strategies you will see an improvement into how you use your CRM system, and increase your ROI. If you are looking more information on CRM systems, or the support that HMC Global can help you with, contact – we’re always happy to help!