Using Innovation to grow your business

Innovation is the new buzz word in business; however how do you integrate this into your wider business context. Whether you’re an SME or a global company, adopting an innovative culture will help you grow your business and encourage your employees to improve your company processes.

Innovation also does not have to dramatic changes that alter the whole business, it could be some simple steps that could encourage more innovation.

  • Events

One of the easiest ways to promote innovation in the workplace is by holding events or workshops that engage your employees. Hold a hackathon type event and let your team brainstorm around innovating the company and see what ideas are sparked through this.

  • Innovative Culture

 By developing a supportive environment where employees feel that they can be open will promote innovation, as all levels of employees will believe that they can make an impact.

  • Be risk takers

New ideas will either be successful or fail, however, don’t criticise the ideas that do fail. Encourage your employees to take risks and experiment by giving them the platform and resources to carry this out.

  • Promote Collaboration

Create an environment where different departments can work together to create great ideas and develop these further with the knowledge from a more diverse team. Organise occasional events and away days for all employees to strengthen the team.

  • Every employee

Ensure that all employees no matter what level are responsible to drive innovation for the company. By having an open environment every employee will feel that their ideas and opinion are valued, encouraging more creativity.

  • Reward Innovation

It is vital to ensure that employees feel that their ideas and innovative thinking is getting recognised. By acknowledging and rewarding those employees it will promote others to think creatively.

  • Hire ambitious staff

When recruiting new staff look for creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, by using clever interview questions to tease this information out, you will be able to see if they are creative thinkers.


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