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Recently, here at HMC we integrated our sales and marketing teams to provide greater insights and improve our processes. Sales and Marketing don’t usually work efficiently together, since they approach achieving the same goals differently. However, by adopting open communication between the two teams you can ensure that they both help each other. Additionally, without integrating the two teams it will result in a heap of miscommunication. Here are a few tips to integrate both teams:

Develop a sales and marketing strategy

By having this document, even if it is brief, will depict what is expected from both teams, the tasks set out by both and how they are expected to work together. This is vital for everyone to understand how they are to work effectively together.


In order to integrate both teams, the tasks between sales and marketing will have to be confirmed. By having a project plan and a list of team responsibilities, it will be easy for both teams to see what tasks they must complete, and the actions required for success. Additionally, it would be effective to present this plan to both teams to iron out any queries or concerns teams may have.

Sharing data

By having both teams working together in-sync, it will ensure that all contacts are secured in the CRM database. This will be vital for the sales team especially as they can get an insight instantly to where a lead is in the sales process and any previous communication between the lead and the company.

By following these few tips, you can create a more structured sales and marketing environment when integrating both teams. Once you have mapped out the process for both teams, you will see results as you find there is greater communication and successfully close more business.

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