10,000 Jobs from Europe, and counting!

In the past decade, HMC Global has attracted European FDI for our clients that has resulted in over 10,000 direct jobs with many more secondary roles.

The right strategy and activity are important but in our experience, the right outsourcing partnership can be the key to your success in Europe.

We aim to encompass these 5 points in all our engagements:

  1. A holistic approach to FDI attraction – We develop an End-to-end business process that includes those elements within the Economic Development Organisation (EDO) and  those run by HMC Global, which impact on performance. Our strong engagement leads to process improvements in both provider and client.
  2. Collaborative Governance – We constantly work to improve the attitudes towards our relationships, between the EDO and HMC Global. We believe that in successful relationships, there is no us and them.
  3. Driving Value – We leverage the value that exists within both organisations. The more functionality that is included in the contract, the more scope exists to create lasting benefits for both parties.
  4. Expertise and Analytics – FDI and Lead generation programmes are measured in jobs and meetings but we extrapolate much more market data from our market interaction to provide our clients with, allowing them to get a much better view of the market or sector and more importantly, the perception of their product.
  5. Technology – We bring best practice from the commercial world and adapt it to the needs of the EDO. We understand the demands of the investor, appreciate the requirements of the EDO, and bring solutions that have a direct impact on performance.

By implementing the processes and attitudes above, we have been able to bring much more value to our clients when representing them in Europe and in turn, many more well suited  jobs and projects. Over 10,000 of them in fact!

Contact the team for a consultation on your FDI performance in Europe - info@hmcglobal.co.uk