Landing investment projects: down to fulfill…

“How does the success of an investment project depend on meeting the site selection criteria, and how much on the influence of the Economic Development Agency?”

One of the challenges with meeting the site selection criteria, is that sometimes your region’s statistics can be difficult to change overnight. For example, your taxes may be a little high, or you haven’t got the quantity of ICT graduates that you would like, or perhaps your local government has just cut your incentives, or your international transport links aren’t ideal.

So, in the meantime, if you can’t improve your region’s statistics (i.e. your costs, incentives, skills availability) straightaway, what can you do to stand out against your competitors?

You sell.

We believe that investment promotion is really Government to Business (G2B) selling.

Your region is a product, and your investors are the buyers. 

What does this really mean?

When private companies engage in the purchasing process, whether it be for a tangible product or a new site location, they are really looking for a solution to a specific problem. This problem will typically stem from the need to either increase revenues or reduce costs. Often, the company is not actually thinking at that very moment about seeking out new locations, but, instead, is looking to solve these issues. The sooner you understand these problems, the sooner you can provide a tailored solution.

If they can find a partner that can help them address these key issues, while at the same time supporting them in the location decision process, then we believe that the investments will begin to flow much easier.

HMC Global operates a market-ready, proven methodology that integrates quickly and seamlessly with your wider operational aims, even in the most specialised or complex environments. HMC Global simplifies the entire business growth strategy process, so you can grow faster, work smarter and manage what matters.

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