Leadership Bandwidth

Every leader has a different concept of what leadership should be. A leader is defined as the person who leads or commands a group, organisation or country. However, with such a broad definition it results in people creating their own assumptions of the behavioural characteristics that a leader should possess.

So, how are bandwidth and leadership linked?

The bandwidth of a leader is the time and resources that leaders in a company have. Since they are decision makers they have a direct impact on the company as a whole. Thus, they must use their time selectively in order to make decisions, as insufficient time will have a negative effect on the company.

Too many times leaders nail down exactly the type of leader they want to be perceived. However, is that right? If you believe yourself to be a tough-minded leader there will be times when you need to alter this to suit the situation you are dealing with. The same goes for if you perceive yourself as a relational leader.

A leader needs to be flexible.

The best leaders recognise that they need to be adaptable and suit the specific situation. Sometimes leaders will need to be quick to act and decisive, whereas, other times they will need to be patient and even a little bit of ambiguity.

Leadership is more about reading and reacting to a situation, then having some defined characteristics that you believe makes a good leader.

To be a leader you need to be fully in control as you need to judge situations and effectively match your behaviour in order to solve the issue.

By working on your leadership bandwidth, you can ensure that you can support the company, no matter the situation.