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People believe that sales people are born, however, for most small business owners the sales process is not easy. They find it difficult pitching their products/ service, they may have a lack of confidence or have a fear of failure and closing the deal. Here at HMC Global, we understand the struggle that comes with sales, so we have outlined how to master the sales process:

  1. Be authentic

It is true that people buy from people they trust. If you are offering value to the customer and helping them find a solution to their problem, then it will be easy to develop a relationship with them. By being yourself and finding your natural sales style, people will be more drawn to you become they believe in what you are selling.

  1. Know the outcome

A successful sales person starts with the end in mind, the know what the outcome is going into any sales opportunity. They have a clear vision in their heads on what they believe they will achieve. Throughout the sales process, have the end goal in your head and work backwards from this, in order to be the most effective. 

  1. Personalize

 Never use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to conversing with your customer, as this will taint the relationship. Tailor your sales process around your individual customer’s needs and make them feel that you understand their issues. You will be more successful if you identify how you will interact with your customer and personalize their experience prior to engaging with them.

  1. Listen

Remember that the sales process put your customer at the centre, not you. After you develop a relationship with your customer, it is time to start finding solutions that will resonate with your customer. The most effective sales people ask open ended questions and know how to listen, in order to gain as much information that they can to create the right solution. 

  1. Value

 Show your value. Customers buy from people they trust will give them real value. Make sure your customer understands the benefits and value that they will receive from partnering with you. Additionally, don’t be afraid to take control of the process, ask for the business. 

  1. Network

 Your business will not grow effectively unless you go out and meet people. Make it a point to connect with 5 different people each day and connect 5 people to somebody new each day, if this is done right it will dramatically transform your sales process.

HMC Global have over 25 year’s experience, providing outsourced sales and marketing as well as business development. We offer a market-ready proven methodology that integrates quickly and seamlessly with your wider operational aims, even in the most specialised or complex environment. HMC Global simplifies the entire business development growth strategy process, so you can grow faster, work smarter and manage what matters. 

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