What We Learned From Mobile World Congress 2…

Our team has recently returned from Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona where we were helping several of our clients to target the European telecoms sector for new investment. Here are a few of our key observations from the event.

The event itself was bigger than ever, and judging from the accents, there was a significant increase in the number of American companies attending.

As usual, the big players were out in force with folding screens were the main attention grabber. But there were significant announcements in areas such as networks, security and enterprise software.

The main take-aways from the event were:

Connectivity – the massive impact of 5G on speed, flexibility and agility. A range of vendors demonstrated the requirements needed to make 5G a reality, implementation, use cases, business models, spectrum and regulation.


AI - With a market projected to reach $70 billion by 2020, a significant number of vendors were demonstrating AI user cases aimed at consumers, enterprises, and governments. As usual, robots stole the show.


Industry 4.0 – It was very interested to note the wide range of industries that are now being impacted by advanced communication systems. The confluence of IoT, cyber physical systems, cloud and cognitive computing have been integrated into a range of sectors from healthcare to next-gen transportation systems.


Immersive Content – As data speeds increase, so does the appetite and expectation for AR, VR and other forms of richer immersive content grows. While there were many products on display, there seemed to be little evidence of how this will transit into the mainstream with associated revenue generation.


Digital Wellness – probably the area with the greatest number of market-ready applications. All evidence from the congress would suggest that this is going to expand exponentially over the next few years, with smartphones again taking centre stage.


Mobile World Congress 2019

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