New Senior Sales Role: CEO Interview

The team at HMC Global has grown rapidly in recent years. As part of this growth, we have restructured the company, creating two main divisions. Firstly,  Economic Development, which helps top regional economic development agencies across the world attract FDI and Trade deals. Corporate Sales, is the second division which is responsible for supporting local SMEs with their sales process to attract a wider audience and enter new markets.

HMC Global is about to embark on hiring new sales professionals to assist this growth, with our main focus on hiring a new sales executive to drive our corporate division. Considering the new organisational structure and the continuous growth, we caught up with John Haran, Chief Executive Officer, to find about the company, the team and his ideal candidate.

Firstly John, what do you think is in store for HMC Global in 2017?

2017 promises to be a challenging year on several fronts. The economic landscape changed considerably in 2016, with both Brexit and the US election result producing unexpected results. This has implications for both regional development and wider economic growth. While there will undoubtedly be challenges, it opens new opportunities for those organisations that are market focused and have the flexibility to revise their sales strategy. This is one of the areas where HMC Global is well positioned to provide support. Our team is young and energetic, constantly interacting with clients across the globe, accessing the latest technology and have a proven track-record of delivering market growth.

You have growing teams within both the Economic Development division and the Corporate Sales division. Why do you need to recruit an additional Senior Business Development Executive at this time?

Our commercial team has been the fastest growing part of the business and in 2016 we continued to expand the number of sales services that we offer. As exporting becomes a more important to growth, companies realise that costs can quickly spiral out of control. By working with HMC Global, companies can leverage on our world-wide asset base, develop a variable-cost approach to exporting and create cost-effective export processes. To manage this growth, we need an energetic sales manager who can articulate our value proposition effectively to potential clients. Not only to work with them to implement an effective export strategy but also to ensure that sales activity is focused on delivering measurable results.

What kind of person is your ideal candidate for this position?

The most important criteria is attitude. Ideally we want someone who has experience in face-to-face sales, but the candidate has to fit our culture, be proactive, solve problems as they arise and have the interpersonal skills required to build strong relationships with our clients.

What is the average day for someone in this role within HMC Global?

There is no average day in HMC Global. Our team members are very self-reliant and have a clear focus on undertaking tasks that add value to our clients. These tasks will include meeting with clients, developing effective marketing plans, delivering on month sales targets and integrating activities into the wider HMC Global team. Our ethos is one of personal responsibility. We support each other to deliver on our metrics but each individual is given the freedom to innovate and constantly improve our performance.

Why should someone apply for a position at HMC Global?

HMC Global is a pure sales organisation, we are focused on helping our clients to deliver outstanding sales performance. We get to work with some of the most innovative organisations in the world. Seeing our activities result in new business, new jobs and economic growth that effects the lives of many can be very rewarding. We try to create an atmosphere where people can express themselves and develop, both professionally and personally. Ultimately we want people to enjoy coming to work, bringing enthusiasm and a desire to succeed. Due to the continued growth, HMC Global is on the lookout for enthusiastic and determined individuals to join the team. For more information on current vacancies or for more information on what we do, check us out at or follow us on Twitter (@HMC_Global) and LinkedIn for regular updates.