Sales Trends

The sales industry is ever changing and with the introduction of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Drones and Robotics – it is inevitable that how sales operates would be effected. Read below to find out more about how the industry is changing:

Investing in Future Growth

Now that new technologies are constantly being established, in order to say ahead of your competition, you need to embrace and invest in future trends and growth. The best sales leaders will capture opportunities and invest time in integrating these into their processes. Knowledge is key to the concept of future growth as effective sales organisations will be able to interpret new shift in the market and use this to create real impact for their company. 

Finding Growth

The most successful sales organisations are proactive at identifying growth opportunities. They are able to use all market and customer data in order to break these down into smaller segments where there are more opportunities. Micomarkets are heavily based on analytics, thus it is vital for your sales team to record and information effectively. 

Big Data and Analytics

If your company uses different systems such as CRM etc, you have a large amount of data instantly, however, you need to find the value. Different systems help you identify the best opportunities and reduce risks. Most companies are ineffective at actually using data to give them insights, which indicates that there is still significant potential in sales analytics.

Outsourcing Sales Function

Outsourcing the sales function has become more popular over the past few years. Now with automation systems it has enabled third party companies to run a company’s entire sales process. However, these companies understand your target segments and how to identify leads. This can be effective for companies as it means that you can trust the professionals to grow your business whilst you focus on developing your product or service.

Social Selling

As customer buying habits become more sophisticated it has never been more essential to understand the customers. It is important for salespeople to understand and segment their target audience, who the buyers are, decision makers and influencers are. This will give you a greater insight into how to sell to your target audience, and what makes them tick.

Integrate sales and marketing

It is important to align your sales and marketing functions, so you can understand the whole customer buying journey as both have different views of which customers to pursue. Both functions have large amounts of value data into the customer, and by integrating you can create a more accurate picture of selling opportunities.

Overall, there is many different trends that are impacting the sales industry. If you are a salesperson you need to ensure that you are continuously aware of new developments and how these can be exploited in order to grow your business.

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