Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques for S…

Even though prospecting is an important part of sales, most salespeople dislike this part of the sales process. This is due to most salespeople using ineffective prospecting techniques, which leads them to not getting a higher volume of qualified leads. Prospecting requires just as much effort and focus like every other part of the sales process. By using these five sales prospecting techniques you can ensure that you engage effectively with leads and convert them into customers.

Warm Calls

Your first contact with new prospects should not be completely cold, as it is useful to warm up prospects before the first interaction. You will increase your chances of connecting with a prospect if you make them familiar with your company before the first contact. With social media platforms such as LinkedIn, it means that you can interact or comment on prospects content before making a formal connection. 

Thought Leader

By establishing yourself as an expert in your industry, you can establish your credibility, which will result in you building trust with your new prospects. This can be done by posting content on your own social networks, or in different industry publications/ speaking at different conferences. Thus, prospects will be more familiar with your name before the initial contact.

Trusted Resource

To be successful you have to do more than sell. Following on from the last point, being your client’s industry expert ensures that they always turn to you for support even after you’ve closed the sale. Position yourself as a provider of solutions, as this would increase your likelihood of getting referrals to other companies.

Have a script

This is especially effective if you are a new salesperson, as by having a basic script it can help with closing a sale. However, some more experienced salespeople wouldn’t often recommend using a script in order to sound more natural, but it is just as effective to map out the key points you’re trying to get across. To be most effective make sure you listen to your prospects and tailor the conversation to meet their needs.

Don’t sell

It is essential to not sell at the prospecting step, as this step is about sourcing leads who can then be qualified and entered into the sales funnel. Only then can the selling begin. The best way to be successful is to start building relationship with prospects, as if you start selling too quick you put them under pressure.

Don’t just stick to what you believe has always worked, trial new techniques and see which mix work to effectively support your prospecting and sales goals.

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