Segmenting your customers for success

Segmentation is an activity of dividing your customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways, such as age, gender and interests. Other segment examples include by company size or industry. By collecting more data, you can create more segments and your segments can be more specific leading to greater insights.

Segmentation is useful as it helps your tailor your messaging and prioritisation of your customer, as it is easier to focus your efforts on effective marketing, when you know exactly who you are targeting. Thus, streamlining your marketing communications. One of the easiest ways to segment your clients is to use an Excel spreadsheet, use this to list your data and keep it updated regularly.

The list should include:

-          Personal Details (name, gender, age, location)

-          Industry

-          Number of employees

-          Location

-          Methods of communication

-          Type of product or service

Once finished, with the amount of information you have, it would be easy to create specific content that would be engaging for your audience.

Here at HMC Global, we can help you find the right customers at the right time. By doing this we ensure that you are successful in growing your business. If you want further information on how we can help you through our products inFront or TargetSmart, don’t hesitate to email us on

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