Sell Smarter

In the sales industry, your customers are the toughest judges, as they immediately put their guard up and find any excuse not to spend their money. However, the best salespeople are able to quickly and effectively build rapport with prospects, demonstrating the value of their product or service.

To become more skilled and be able to close more sales, follow our guide below:

  1. Find their latent needs

Customers do not always know what their problem is, and may not help being able to articulate this. By being proactive and being able to identify latent needs, and finding opportunities you will be more successful; as by having a deeper knowledge of your customer you will know what they care about.

  1. Examples

Some customers might have problems visualizing how your product or service can work for them. Make sure that you have case studies and testimonials that you can share with them, as this will give them an insight into how you have helped other people. Sometimes it is just showing them an example which can help close a deal.

  1. Sell less

Sometimes a customer can’t afford to buy your whole service as it can be out of their price range. However, you can be flexible, this could by reducing costs for purchasing a certain part of your service.

  1. Failing to act

An easy way to motivate customers is to explain what will happen if they fail to take action. By giving examples of consequences, you can strike a chord with your prospect leading them to visualize what would happen if they didn’t take action.

  1. Educate

Bring your prospects back to the middle of the sale funnel. If they don’t give you a yes straight away, spend more time educating prospects on your product or service and the value it has to offer. The best thing to do is not try for the hard sell, instead use other ways of retargeting ads or sharing information which leads them through the sales funnel at their own pace.

Above are five easy steps to sell smarter, instead of harder. By implementing these into our sales performance you can ensure that you close more deals and generate more clients for your business.

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