Strategies to motivate your sales team

Motivating your team is one of the most important elements of sustaining success in the long term. There is two ways that a sales manager or a CEO can influence their sales team, one is by their what they can do and the other is how enthusiastic they do it. Thus, improving your team’s skill set is an easier task, as you can complete an audit of the business and see which areas need improvement and act appropriately to solve this.

However, motivating your team is harder. There are many external and internal factors that affect someone’s motivation towards work. In addition, each and every employee requires a different approach when it comes to motivation. Here we have listed a number of different strategies that if implemented will help motivate your team:

Build Trust

The core of motivation is trust, because if your team doesn’t trust you, how will they be motivated and driven by their work. It is a vicious cycle in sales, as when a salesperson is unmotivated it is hard to reignite that spark unless you have complete transparency. Managers must create and maintain trust by constantly engaging with their team.

Ask how they would like to be managed

Everybody on your team will have different personalities and require different management styles. By doing this you can adopt your style to enable your team to get the best results. If you ask your team the different ways they would like to be managed and engaged with, you will build more trust with them and get better results in return. Instead of having one method of communication or strategy for all employees.

Understand their goals

As a manager, you can’t motivate a team without understanding what drives them and what they want to accomplish in both their professional and personal lives. By gaining this insight you will be able to see what type of person they are and what things motivate them. Sit down with your employees once in a while to ask how they are doing and is there anything they need, which in turn will motivate them more as they can see your support.

Set goals

Your employees will be motivated in different ways, especially in sales as some are motivated by competition, others by the impact they have on their company and some by money. By setting daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly goals you can ensure that you are giving your team structured ways to stay motivated and the opportunity to be rewarded for their work.

Figure out issues

In every sales team, there are bound to be issues that are wide-spread or small. However, all will impact on an individual’s motivation or group wide motivation. The best way to get your team motivated is find out where the issues lie in your time. Ask your team about how motivated they are, and if only one or two feels unmotivated this is a small issue, if the whole team feel unmotivated then there is a problem with the entire team.

Give rewards

It is easy to motivate salespeople when there is an incentive. Ask your team what reward they would like for hitting all their targets, whether, it is lunch out, free coffee for a week or prospect for them. By giving them the control you can motivate the entire team as they get rewarded for their work. Here, at HMC Global we have away days every quarter for the entire team, some examples have been a day at the races, an overnight stay at a spa and a night in Derry. By rewarding your employees for great work, you will motivate them to work harder.

Overall, here are a few strategies that you can implement to get the best from your sales team. There are straightforward but effective, helping you to build relationships with your employees but also rewarding them for great work.

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