Understanding your audience

In order to get the most out of your sales and marketing you first need to understand your audience. Yes, who are the people who would need your product or service, as without this knowledge you cannot market efficiently or effectively. Without segmenting your market, you will not know what strategies or messaging you need to attract those prospecting clients.


Before you can map out who your audience are you need to make sure that the demographic you have selected are right for your business. Find as much information in terms of what type of companies or people would be interested in your products/ service and how will you communicate to them. By finding your niche you can begin to educate yourself in what engages them and what their needs are. As well as the current market and industry that your product/ service fits into.  Thus, you will have a wealth of knowledge about your target audience.



By analysing your competitors, you will gain an insight into what works when targeting a certain audience. Research their brand, the voice they use, the types of tactics they use and their messaging. This will give you an example of how to structure your brand. You can also find out what techniques they use and what tone they use when reaching out to their audience. Even if your competitors are doing it wrong, you can have evidence of what not to do when building your marketing strategy – which is just as valuable.



Creating customer persona’s is a tactic used by businesses everywhere when creating their marketing strategies. It is an easy way to better conceptualise their target audience. By using this you will have an opportunity to outline your ideal target customer. This fictional person will include information such as education, family life, career, characteristics and personality traits – it’s up to you what information would be valuable. This will help outline your target audience and help you with messaging.


Social Listening

Social listening is the process of tracking conversations around a specific word, brand or phrase and then using this data to discover insights into what content is engaging that audience. By observing what people are saying about your brand on social profiles (not just your own), you will gain knowledge into the types of content you should be creating for your target audience.


Talk to your clients

This works when you’ve built up a client base. Once you’ve been working with them take some time to get to know them personally. By doing this you will also further this relationship, but you will see what their needs are, what appeals to them and what makes them different from other demographics?


Conduct Surveys

Finally, a super easy way to get more of an insight into your audience is by asking them questions. Create a survey through a tool like SurveyMonkey, where you can ask whatever questions you would like to your target audience. Thus, gaining an insight and having the raw data means you get all the insights you ever wanted.


All of these strategies will help you gain a better understanding of your target audience. However, this is only the start and you need to put all the knowledge that you have learnt into improving your strategy. As a successful strategy is built around reaching the right people at the best time with the most valuable content.


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