Our HMC TargetSmart service will harness the power of our resources and experience of international trade shows and exporting to save our clients time and money. Maximising return on investment.

Research & Appointment Setting

For our clients, a meeting is only useful if it is with the right person within a profiled company and an opportunity has been qualified. Our Business Development Analysts take pride in researching and uncovering the best possible opportunities for our clients. We attend global events organising 10 to 20 meeting business development programmes with vetted and qualified opportunities on offer.

Click here to learn more about HMC Global's research cabability, and how we used that skill to assist an economic development agency to make key strategic decisions.

Ad Hoc Representation

At HMC Global we understand the challenges presented by selling into new markets and new geographical locations. At times when your organisation is unable to flex up to meet the demands of sales targets, HMC Global can provide temporary, ad hoc sales support to reduce the risk of this activity.  Where required we have also engaged in short-term training and management interventions.

Tailored Events

HMC Global use breakfast seminars, dinner discussions, round-tables and other similar events to engage with C-Level Executives, particularly those who are hard to reach. These events are themed, supported by pre-event research and followed with by the inclusion of ‘findings’ or a related article in an industry publication.

Roundtable Events

HMC Global use roundtable events to interact with senior contacts in target industries and position our clients as excellent facilitators of thought leadership in a particular field. Smaller roundtables enable a very senior discussion of the barriers, constraints and opportunities for companies in a certain industry. This is valuable information when evaluating the right approach of FDI and Trade propositions. Our roundtable events are organised to support selling into our clients strategic accounts.